Online visibility is your overall online presence and how easily can people find you.

Many entrepreneurs and small companies assume that having a solid company website is enough and put the task of improving their visibility aside because it looks too complicated and they do not know where to start and how to get it done. 

The issue with that is, that a website only, even if a good one, is hardly enough anymore. The internet is overcrowded and the louder ones win.


We all search online before we buy a product or visit a new place. We use search engines to look for solutions, news and most importantly, products, services and businesses, and we use social media to connect with our friends, get inspired and discover new trends. If you are a local small business, you can't afford to bet only on your website to attract and convert.

Making sure that you know where your potential client's attention is, be there and stand out are the key aspects of your online visibility.

To help you with that I have a series of products that you will LOVE:

1. Have your online presence & social media audited and receive personalised recommendations to improve both right now!

2. Set yourself up for success with an amazing visibility boost!

3. Win big with your personalised visibility & communication strategy!

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"Fantastic online visibility is the new holy grail for entrepreneurs. "

Assess your online visibility in 2 minutes with this checklist

" I help motivated entrepreneurs to improve their online visibility, get more clients and develop further their activity,

even if their business is at an early stage and they have no communication or business strategy skills.

I offer practical solutions for all budgets, from simple 'do-it-yourself' products to private accelerator programs and consulting. "


Finding new customers, nurturing and serving your existing clients and making a profit is the never-ending quest for all businesses.

Staying relevant in the online world, up to date with the most popular technologies and communication channels doesn't need to be scary or overwhelming.   

Whether you are only starting your activity or your business is already up and running since a couple of years, the following visibility and communication products are made for you to get you to be visible and to stand out in the saturated market of today. 

Get your personal assessment and  recommendations 


Audit your online presence

Can your potential customers find you easily, regardless of where they start their journey?


Is the information out there pertinent, interesting and representative of you and your brand?

Let's make sure that your online presence is perfect! 


Social Media health check

Social media itself represent an incredible opportunity for you to get discovered and gain new customers but converting a follower into a paying customer isn't as easy as it might look like.

Let's audit your Instagram and Facebook accounts and see how well you use them to get closer to your objectives! 

Set yourself up for success! 


Boost your visibility

In only 31 days you will get more done on the visibility of your business than in the past year, guaranteed!

This tailor-made program is designed to get you through 5 essential stages of building your visibility in the most practical, useful and simple step-by-step led way.

This is where the magic starts!

Win with your personalised strategy!

Get your visibility & Communication Strategy


Your business deserves a tailored communication strategy with personalised core messages designed to bring forward 'you' and your offer and attract the right clients. 

This program is a deep dive into your business and your personal motivations and objectives.

Get all that you need to communicate like a pro!

Start now with this free checklist

Assess your online visibility in 2 minutes with this checklist