Assessment & Recommendations

If I were a client looking for a service or product like yours, how fast am I going to find you? How easily will I understand your offer? Will I find anything special or particular that will make me love you more than the others?


Are you sure that your online presence does the job that you expect it to?


You most probably don't have the time to make large research to find out how and where the users find you, what do they think of your website or how clear and pertinent is the information they come across and even if you did have the time, would you know what to do with the findings? 


How to fix what's not working and further optimize the good stuff?

I'm proposing to you to get the assessment and the recommendations done without any hassle and in the most convenient and quick way... 


2. Recommendations 

How does it work?

Before the assessment

You will fill out a simple questionnaire with 20 questions that will allow me to conduct the assessment appropriately, calibrate the findings and provide tailored recommendations.

1. I will conduct a twofold assessment for you

1. Your overall online presence  

In other words, where does your business appear and how presentable and clear is the listing at first sight?  

Where am I going to be looking? 

  • General search

  • Google (business, maps, images, videos)

  • Social media

  • Other platforms (, etc)

What is it that I will be checking?

  • Information at first sight - how clear, representative and pertinent it is and whether it is aligned across all your channels.

2. The quality of the information available

Deep dive into each listing and assessment of the information available for its efficiency, pertinence and alignment with your brand strategy.  

I will assess each listing, taking into consideration your strategy and objectives indicated in the form, and score the :

  • Completeness

  • User experience

  • First impression

  • Efficiency

  • Brand strategy alignment 

2. And provide you with valuable insights & recommendations

1. Insights

You will receive an insightful scorecard for each assessment with your findings presented in a clear, simple and concise way. 

Each card that you get includes recommendations with concrete action points to take in order to optimize and improve your results.


You will receive 1 scorecard for the assessment of your overall online presence and 1 detailed scorecard per each listing.


Example: A business with a website, two social media accounts, google business entry and a listing on a publicly accessible platform will get 6 scorecards with recommendations.

Optimizing your online presence was never simpler!


Next steps...

1. Fill out the online form & Pass your order

The online form contains about 20 questions that you need to answer. You pass your order by submitting the online form.  

2. Receive your invoice & Settle 


You will receive an email with an invoice to settle.  

3. Receive Your Online Presence Assessment & Recommendations


In up to 5 working days, you will receive the assessment and recommendations by email. 


 Can I help you with anything else?

" I help motivated business owners to improve their online visibility, get more clients and develop further their activity,

even if their business is at an early stage and they have no communication or business strategy skills.

I offer practical solutions for all budgets, from simple 'do-it-yourself' products to group accelerator programs and private consulting. "