This unique 'business booster' program is designed specifically for early entrepreneurs and business solo-owners who choose to progress at an accelerated speed.

Proven framework 

Based on our initial call I will create a tailored curriculum for you so your needs and objectives are 100% covered. 

Steady and guaranteed progress towards the business you dream to have! 

During our sessions, we will follow the framework and crack the basics of your business, get under the skin of your target audience, prepare a compelling and irresistible offer.

You will gain clarity about your business today, your objectives and how you measure success. We will define tailored strategies for you to put you on the right track and we will instantly implement and test them.

The program is built on 3 main pillars:


  • your business foundations: your why, mission, vision and value statement

  • your ideal client: your target audience, customer profiles & personas

  • your offer and pricing: product matrix, value proposition, pricing

  • your positioning


  • defining key priorities for your business: short-term & long-term

  • client acquisition: how/where to find clients

  • prospecting & selling strategy

  • impactful communication: key messages & plan


  • your online presence

  • your social media plan

  • creation/optimization of your social media accounts

  • content plan

  • customer service

  • CRM

  • emailing

  • data/insights

The final amount of topics that will be covered in your program depends on how easily you get through each exercise.

In general, my clients go through up to 5 topics. You will need about 2 sessions on complex topics.

The program consists of 6 sessions of 90 minutes and your individual work on the exercises between sessions.

You can choose to have the sessions monthly or more frequently, however the maximum I recommend is bi-weekly. You need to allow some time for reflection and implementation. 

Our sessions combine the aspects of strategic sessions, coaching and support. 


Alena helped me work on my client avatar and she did it in a way nobody else did before. Our work together just started but the results have spoken for themselves since our first session

Alena helped me work on my client avatar and she did it in a way nobody else did before.

She has a sort of interviewing method that helps you develop a clear picture of that person as you talk and she pops questions to help you go deeper on the analysis. It is the first time I have come that close to understanding the type of people I need to have in mind when creating my client avatar. Our work together just started but the results have spoken for themselves since our first session.

— Barbara Fraile, Transformation Coach, Artist and Author

Let me help you too!

" I help motivated early entrepreneurs and business owners to improve their online visibility, get more clients and develop further their activity,

even if their business is at an early stage and they have no communication or business strategy skills,

or they run a mature business and need to modernise their approach.

"In the 6 months private accelerator program, I will help you get clarity about your business, design your winning strategy and see the implementation through with you!"

Ready to move forward with your business?


Start by booking a discovery call!

The session is for us to get to know each other, talk about your current business challenges and your objectives and see how can I help you get there.

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