Lunch & Learn

Why you should care and how to get it right (my crazy simple method)

- What’s my biggest problem with the ideal client concept that other coaches are teaching? 


- Why should you even care about having perfect clarity about your target audience?


I will share with you my crazy simple method for working out your target audience and ideal client. I will also show you how this new knowledge means POWER to you and your business!


Forget useless exercises involving listing down name, age, location, marital status or level of education…


I will show you how to approach this entire exercise differently, in a way that makes sense and that the outcome helps you in all aspects of your business, from communication and sales to product development and strategic business decisions.


I will also share with you the two most common traps that entrepreneurs fall into while working out their target audience and you will also get the opportunity to ask your questions at the end of the session.


I’m looking forward to meeting you at this L&L session,



Alena Paturaud Brainstorm ton Business -
Alena Paturaud
Business strategist and coach for entrepreneurs and business owners

“ I believe in efficiency and pragmatism and made it my mission to provide practical solutions and easily applicable strategies so that solo entrepreneurs can implement them instantly and get the results they deserve. "

In her coaching and consulting, Alena provides businesses with efficient strategies and tailored practical solutions for accelerated business results.


Alena spent over 10 years in corporate finance, cash and risk management within large multinationals and was lucky enough to enjoy a wide scope of responsibilities and spend time at destinations like London, New York, Istanbul or Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires. After leaving her corporate career she spent a few years on different projects, trying to find an activity that would correspond with her vision and personal values and make her heart sing.


 In 2018 she founded Brainstorm ton Business and since then carries out her mission to help entrepreneurs build lasting businesses that stand out.


“Using my talents and skills to help someone else on their journey to their dreams is incredibly empowering and rewarding.”


In 2020 she created a signature program for early entrepreneurs - The Accelerator Program - that combines the best of coaching, consulting, mentoring and accountability and gets you to launch /or transform/ your business in 12 weeks!


Her specialities are: finding your niche, slicing-dicing your target audience until you know them better than they do and working out an irresistible offer that sells for the price that you love!


Born and raised in the Czech republic (back then - Czechoslovakia), Alena spent her early twenties living and working in Prague and Budapest, before settling in Geneva.  


She is a member of Genuine women (swiss female entrepreneurs network), happily married with two children under 10. 


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