How to build strong relationships with your clients and make them adore you

I genuinely love my clients. Every single one of them.

They are smart, curious, hungry and dedicated.

They have a dream and they are putting the work in it every single day.

They are doers, go-getters.

They own it.

And for all that, I have so much respect for them.

When I started consulting, working with clients wasn't natural for me.

Consultant/Coach-client relationship was very different from anything I knew and I needed to consolidate my people-pleaser nature with the position of the external adviser and expert.

Here is how I did it and you can too.

First, define what means to you 'a good client relationship.'

That will help you to instantly tell apart the good ones from the not-so-good ones.

It will also help you to draw healthy lines because you are clear about what you want and whatnot.

As a coach/consultant keeping amazing relationships with my clients is my utmost priority.

I've put together a sort of own code of conduct that helps me do just that.

Here goes my golden 10+1:

1. Get to know them well

How they function, how they work? What slows them down, what do they fear?

2. Set expectations & deliver

Set a clear agenda and purpose.

3. Be accountable

Check-in regularly, be consistently present, allow them to count on you.

4. Communicate proactively

Don't let them wonder and ask. Communicate regularly and proactively.

5. Ask regularly for feedback

You can't improve what you don't measure.

6. Own your mistakes

We all get to screw up sometime. Don't be shady, own it. Focus on solving it out.

7. Keep it simple

Everyone is busy. Go minimalist.

Don't overwhelm with too much detail, don't add unnecessary steps.

8. Pay attention

Listen to what they say. Take notes and use them.

9. Be yourself

Authenticity creates actual connections.

You were hired because of you. Embrace that.

10. Don't be just ALL about business

The devil is in details and clients are people first and foremost. Connect on a personal level, show that you care.


11. Make it last...

Unless your clients are there just to get you money, you want your relationships to last even after you worked together. Send a holiday greeting, make a reminder to check in every once in a while.

Regardless of how great your product is if you don't connect with your client and don't build a good relationship it won't matter. It will remain a poor customer experience...

I think that we all can agree that:

Better relationships make everything better.

Hope you are rockin' it out there,



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