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I started working with Alena on complex business development issues almost two years ago and deciding to work with her was the best idea I've ever had!!

I was looking to accelerate my business, simplify my services and get my prices right. Once these goals were achieved, Alena was able to develop a long-term plan that helped me stabilise and improve my business. 

 In addition, she took care of building and launching my online shop and finding reliable partnerships to create my products and provide even better service to my clients.

Thanks to Alena, I was able to really explore the potential of my business and focus on my true mission and passion which is to help and accompany my clients towards their success.

In order to achieve this, I could count on Alena to manage the administrative and development part of my business for a year with remarkable results.

With her recommendations, I was able to reorganise my website and create quality content. In 12 months, I have seen my website traffic explode (+450%) and my community continues to grow. 

Alena has the relevant knowledge and analytical skills to help us stay up to date. 

Customers have changed and it is difficult for small businesses like mine to keep up. Alena has that critical eye that allows us to move forward and respond to today's challenges. Moreover, she was able to understand the particularity of my clientele and my field of activity very quickly.

Working with Alena is always exciting and rewarding! 



Alena Paturaud helped me to launch my business.

She offered me concrete solutions to all my questions. In particular how to define my priorities to start (website, online presence, business card etc.).

Thanks to targeted questioning and relevant guidance she helped me to sort out my priorities.

Alena is an excellent advisor also for the construction of a website, that reflects what you want while being clear and concise.

What I appreciate about Alena: her professionalism and efficiency because the results are there! Alena is very competent in her field, I recommend her with my eyes closed!


It was a real pleasure to work with Alena. Her experience and advice are invaluable.


She reviewed my business plan and was very good at asking me the right questions to clarify certain points as well as giving me leads.


I am very grateful for her help and advise all those who have a project and some blockages to discuss it with her, she will help you move forward! She is a very good listener and will give you all the tools to move forward.

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I can only recommend Alena for her professional work and competence in her field, she encouraged me a lot and found solutions to progress in my new photography business.
Now thanks to her I know exactly what I have to change and develop on the marketing and website part to attract potential customers and sell my products with the greatest success.



I had wanted to run my own business for a long time, but the idea of working alone and finding my own clients was scary for me. I had no idea where to start, website building and communications are way outside of my comfort zone.

I've looked around for help but I felt taken advantage of by most of the consultants that I have contacted. It's too easy to oversell to people who are not sure what they really need.

Alena accompanied me all the way from the idea conception to the launch of my local business and she remains my consultant at all times.

I launched end of 2015 and since 2018 I am fully booked months ahead even with a significant price increase that places me in the upper price range for my type of services in the region.

I can't thank Alena enough for all that she helped me build. The fact that I can live a peaceful and comfortable life, doing something that I love is priceless...