I'm Alena, your Business Strategist.


I provide early entrepreneurs and small businesses with practical solutions for accelerated business results.


I help you claim your place on the market, find your edge and the right strategies to deploy, so you get lasting results faster.


Whether you are starting a business and need full-fledged support or you have a specific project and want to make sure it is a success,

I'm here to help you get it done!

Ready to get the help you need?

As a business strategist, I am your

go-to person when:

You are at the early stage of your activity,

you need to find your place on the market, create an attractive offer, find your edge and get your first clients,

You are in the business already since a few years,

the results are poor, not at all what they should be after all the work you've put in it and your activity isn't growing,

You know what you are bringing to the market but need to reach the right audience, communicate efficiently and get confident at selling your services and products,


You are a seasoned business owner looking to find a new stream of clients.



Alena helped me work on my client avatar and she did it in a way nobody else did before. Our work together just started but the results have spoken for themselves since our first session

Alena helped me work on my client avatar and she did it in a way nobody else did before.

She has a sort of interviewing method that helps you develop a clear picture of that person as you talk and she pops questions to help you go deeper on the analysis. It is the first time I have come that close to understanding the type of people I need to have in mind when creating my client avatar. Our work together just started but the results have spoken for themselves since our first session.

— Barbara Fraile, Transformation Coach, Artist and Author

Let me help you too!

Ready to move forward with your business?


Start by booking a discovery call 

The session is for us to get to know each other, talk about your current business challenges and your objectives and see how can I help you get there.



It is a unique 'business booster' program designed specifically for early entrepreneurs and business solo-owners who choose to progress at an accelerated speed.

Perfect for you especially if you don't have any communication or business strategy skills, you feel uncomfortable at selling and need to find steady inflow of clients.

Imagine a world where you aren't alone on your entrepreneurial journey, 


where there is someone to consult, support and encourage you,


an advisor, to run your ideas by and find answers with, 


a motivator, to keep you inspired and pull you up when needed, 


and a sparring partner to keep you on track and in line. 

Imagine you have an expert by your side to put in place everything that is needed for you to run a successful business. 

Imagine taking out the guesswork and the trial-error approach.


It's time to stop copying what seems to work for the others

and start putting your energy into creating what will work for YOU and YOUR business, with your vision, your values, set of talents and capabilities.


The future depends on what you do TODAY.

Mahatma Gandhi

Surround yourself by like-minded people...

The Walk & Talk Business
Every last Thursday of the month a walk will be organised so we can get out of our houses and offices, be outdoors, enjoy fresh air, good company of fellow entrepreneurs, share our passions and make meaningful connections!
" Let's keep active, get outside and talk about our projects! " 


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