Neuroscience based breakthrough coaching session to install and adopt a mindset that brings lasting results in your business & life.

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This masterclass is brought to you by Alena Paturaud, Business strategist and coach for entrepreneurs and business owners and Ruta Mikulenaite, NeuroLeadership Institute certified Neuro-coach.


Alena Paturaud Brainstorm ton Business -
Alena Paturaud
Business strategist and coach for entrepreneurs and business owners

In her business coaching and consulting Alena provides businesses with strategies and tailored practical solutions for accelerated business results and with the right mindset, the impact of these strategies and of the overall leadership is significantly amplified.

That is why she partnered up with Ruta, to create a bespoke masterclass and offer to aspiring or active entrepreneurs the tools that will help bring lasting results in business and life.


Ruta Mikulenaite
NeuroLeadership Institute certified Neuro-coach

Ruta's cutting edge neuroscience coaching uses the latest science-based coaching method to help you unlock your inner power and open the door to a fulfilled life in the different areas: health, finances, business, career and relationships.

About this masterclass

90 minutes of virtual group coaching dedicated to and designed for you - entrepreneurs, aspiring or active, and business owners, to give you the knowledge (we all know that knowledge is power) and the tools to adopt the right mindset, feel more ready and confident in their businesses and day to day life.

The group is limited to maximum of 15 persons. Don't wait with your reservation, the spots go fast!

100% tailored to your needs!

After your registration, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out.

Ruta will be taking and tackling the concrete problematics and challenges during the session.


You'll leave this masterclass with:

1. Understanding the two different mindsets: fixed & growth mindset and their impact on your life

2. Diagnostics of your mindset

3. Having had the time & space to share

4. Tools & concrete actions needed to switch and adopt the right mindset

5. Incremental reading on the topic for those interested to dive deeper


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