Women CEO Autumn Retreat in the Swiss Alps (VS), All-Inclusive

17th - 20th September 2021

This all-inclusive 3-day-3-night retreat is the ultimate experience crafted for women CEOs who worked hard to be where they are today, and who now need to pause, revisit the basics, align and recenter their focus.


It is designed to break you out of your day-to-day decision-making and routines and give you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your dreams and ambitions, get inspired and rejuvenate in the midst of majestic nature. 


Nourish your body, soul and mind, create a clear vision for your future and transfer this new energy into your business. 

This event is for you if:

  • You are a women business owner active in your business for at least 12 months

  • You feel like you are so caught up in the day to day that you are missing the big picture

  • And even though your business is doing well, you don’t really feel on top of it

  • There is never time or space for you to step back and evaluate; see how far you’ve come and get clarity on what’s next for you? And what’s the fun in doing it by yourself, anyway?

  • And finally, you are smiling and your heart is singing just imagining being away for 3 full days, breathing in the fresh mountain air and running wild in the pristine alpine nature?

Moitié Moitié

This retreat is the perfect balance between working on your future with other wonderful female business owners and having fun, spending time outdoors, enjoying full nature immersion.

Nature fills us with limitless energy, creates incredible mind shifts and fills us with joy and inspiration, so the plan is to keep you outdoors as much as possible, to charge your batteries and fuel up on good vibes. 

We’ve gone so creative that some of the business sessions and the surprise activity on Sunday will be held outdoors. How amazing is that?


Retreat Facilitators

This retreat is created and facilitated by two power-women bringing their unique skills, experience and personalities together: 

Alena’s business skills & entrepreneurial personality as well as Ruta’s growth mindset expertise & passion for outdoor living create the perfect environment for deep self-discovery, limitless inspiration and continuous empowered action.

Alena Paturaud_visibility for small busi


Business Strategist & Coach.

Go-getter, high achiever and a powerhouse with 18 years of professional experience. Founder of 2 businesses.

Alena is offering a unique blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experience and skills.

She has spent over 13 years in corporate finance within large multinationals in risk and cash management functions, carrying out a wide scope of responsibilities and initiatives across the organisations.

In her consulting and coaching business she has helped over 100 entrepreneurs over the past 4 years and she is on her mission to triple the number in the next two years.

Alena is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs build the business they dream to have. Her speciality is practical and realistic solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners so they can take action instantly and get the results they deserve. 

Alena will guide you through the process of reflection and working on the vision and plan for your ‘future business’.

Ruta M.jpeg


Professional neuro-coach (Neuroleadership Institute, London), Forest therapy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, USA) and Mountain Leader (Association of Mountain Guides in Switzerland).

After graduating from the University of Sorbonne, Ruta worked in business management and sales for big corporations for 12 years.

In 2013, when Ruta did her first hike back in Switzerland- she realized that real life is not happening in the office but rather outside.


This made her realize that she was missing something important in her life- a connection with Nature.


Since then, most of her time she spends outside- climbing, hiking, sleeping under the stars, wild camping, walking in the forests and other natural places.


In 2016 she has climbed Mont Blanc, followed by a solo trek to Everest base camp in 2017 and an expedition in Kyrgyzstan in summer 2018 when she with other team members climbed some alpine peaks which have never been climbed before- above 4000m.

By creating Be Outside Coaching movement, she has connected her 2 major passions: activities outside and human development.


Ruta’s Nature Retreat initiative in Switzerland is rapidly growing - connecting humans with different backgrounds and creating well-being for them.

Ruta will take you on carefully selected hiking routes and show you stunning sceneries that will take your breath away.


Retreat Setting

At this All-Inclusive retreat, you enjoy a 3-night stay in an exclusive luxury chalet-type property in Grimentz.


We have privatized the entire floor of this property and have an incredible 500m2 with a private sauna and an outdoor terrace hot tub just for us. In addition, each of you will enjoy a beautiful and comfortable private bedroom with stunning views.


This is the opportunity for you to spoil your mind, soul & body all at once.


The Grimentz Region

Grimentz is a pretty village oozing Swiss traditional style, with geranium clad timber buildings and cobbled streets giving it an old-world charm that few villages can compete with. The altitude of 1570m-3000m, part of the Val d’Anniviers.

It is easily accessible by car or public transportation. A Whatsapp group will be created for the participants to help with logistics and facilitate carpooling.

Grimentz region
Grimentz region
Grimentz region
Grimentz village
Grimentz village
Grimentz village
Grimentz region
Grimentz region

The final touch

We are bringing in an experienced private chef to spoil your taste buds and help us create an unforgettable experience inside out. 

Anne-Sophie had created an exquisite menu for the occasion and you can look forward to fresh-made breakfasts, sophisticated picnic lunches with a twist, home-baked cakes for afternoon tea, fun apéritifs and elaborated 3-course dinners, all prepared fresh on the premises.

Here, a little sneak peek into Anne-Sophie's kitchen.


Sarah Bach, a talented photographer, is joining us to document this extraordinary event and as a gift, you will be leaving with 2-3 headshots or lifestyle images that you can use for your business and social media. 

Sarah loves to work with individuals and brands inspired by nature and the great outdoors. She creates evocative imagery that showcases the natural world and those who work and play within it. She loves collaborating with other female entrepreneurs to create imagery that's perfect for their brand. 


Retreat Program Friday 17th - Monday 20th


 - reset -

Arrive when you can this afternoon and settle into our beautiful space.

Our first activity starts at 3 pm with an easy hike to help us unhook from the day-to-day work routine and start connecting with self and others.

It is highly recommended that you arrive by 6 pm.



This day will be dedicated to reflecting on your business, diving into your experience as a business owner, uncovering any misalignments and stretches, tuning into your inner voice and allowing yourself to dream big.

We will spend most of the day outdoors.


- CREATe -

Create a clear vision for your future, a top-line plan to achieve your Big Fat Audacious Goal. 

Discover how limitless and powerful you truly are in the mids of wild nature. 

We will spend most of the day outdoors. 

Festive apéritif with champagne, amuse-bouche, sophisticated dinner and stargazing if sky allows is planned, to wrap up the stay and keep heart-felt memories.



We conclude our retreat with breakfast together and a final hike and closing circle. 

The retreat is finished by noon and we all set course for our returns home.

October - December


For any change to stick and create an impact it has to be repeated and worked on consistently.


Life happens and often it means that over time and contrary to all the intentions we had, we fall through on the implementation. 

You benefit from free access to the BFAG Accountability Group from October till December 2021(6 bi-weekly sessions). 


Initiate change & move forward

During this 3 day - 3 night retreat, you get the opportunity to process, reflect, reconnect & create the vision for your future life and business.

Different sessions will take place around these themes:


  1. Self Awareness

  2. Matching your dreams & vision 

  3. Setting a BFAG big fat audacious goal (mid-term/short-term)

  4. Creating your Action Plan & Accountability Program

  5. Networking & Collaborations

Full nature immersion 

During the Business Nature retreat we will practice the following outdoor activities:

  • Nature connection practices:  Forest/nature/mountain Therapy, connection with 5 senses (Japanese Shinrin Yoku)

  • Hiking - all levels

  • Walking Meditation

  • Natural Mindfulness: guided Meditations in Nature





Retreat Logistics

Date: 17th-20th September 2021

Where: Grimentz, Valais, Switzerland

The number of participants: 12

The number of facilitators: 2 + private chef


Pricing & Conditions

  • All-Inclusive:

    • 3 nights accommodation in a high-end private room at a local luxury apartment chalet

    • High-quality food and drinks (in the chalet) during the stay, prepared and cooked on the premises by a private chef:

      • 3x breakfast, 2x lunch, 3x aperitive, 3x 3-course dinner, 3x coffee break snacks​, 2x mountain snacks

      • Coffee, tea, water, fruits

    • Retreat facilitation and activities:

      • ​Business & Mindset workshops designed to help you assess your business and your own entrepreneurial journey and create a vision for your future that is aligned with your dreams and ambition

      • Carefully selected and prepared hiking routes in the local area, mindful hiking & other outdoor activities

      • 1 surprise activity in nature

    • Opportunity to connect with 15 other women entrepreneurs

    • 3 months of complimentary access to the BFAG Accountability Group following the retreat (October-December, 6 bi-weekly sessions, valued at 1'080chf)

  • Does not include:

    • ​Transportation costs to and from the retreat location or any extra consumption during the retreat. 

    • Insurance: travel, cancellation, liability and health…

Early Bird Special Price

For bookings before July 10th, 2021

Option 1 (3 spots available) : 1'550 CHF - private room & private bathroom 

Option 2 (6 spot available) : 1'450 CHF   - private room & shared bathroom (with 1 person)

Option 3 (3 spot available) : 1'290 CHF   - shared room & bathroom (with 1 person)

After July 10th, 2021

Option 1 : 1'670 CHF - private room & private bathroom 

Option 2 : 1'570 CHF - private room & shared bathroom (with 1 person)

Option 3 : 1'410 CHF - shared room & bathroom (with 1 person)


To secure booking: 50% deposit (non-refundable). 

The rest to be paid before the 17th of August.

Cancellation policy: 1 month before non-refundable*

Covid measures

The situation is constantly changing and evolving. We will do our maximum to ensure your safety however if you suffer from any anxiety related to the current health situation we invite you to reconsider your participation in this retreat.


*If the retreat needs to be cancelled due to official Covid measures and restrictions, the full amount will be reimbursed to all participants.


Application process

Our objective is to create a transformative and unforgettable experience for each participant.


We believe in the power of a positive group dynamic and so we have put an application process in place to ensure that all participant's expectations and objectives are aligned and that we have the right energy to spend a long weekend by each other's side and have fun together!



Please note that in order to participate you need to have an active business for at least 12 months and a conversational level in English is required.


With Ruta, we both speak French and can translate when necessary, we can provide materials in French too, however in order to feel comfortable and fully benefit from all the retreat activities and exchanges with other participants you need to have a basic conversational level in English.


  1. Fill out the application questionnaire 'Apply'.

  2. You will receive a link to book a virtual coffee with Alena, 15min chat to get to know each other and your objectives for the retreat.

  3. When your application is confirmed, the deposit fee is due in order to secure your spot.

One last thing...

This is the first nature retreat for female business owners and entrepreneurs here in Switzerland and we would don't want you to miss it! 

Places are limited and all future retreat enrollments will give priority to the past retreat participants. From Ruta's extensive experience as a nature retreat organizer, about 50% of participants register for future retreats. 

Join the first one and become the founding member of CEO retreats.

Book before July 10th, 2021 and benefit from the  Early Bird Special Price

Option 1 (3 spots available) : 1'550 CHF - private room & private bathroom 

Option 2 (6 spot available) : 1'450 CHF   - private room & shared bathroom (with 1 person)

Option 3 (3 spot available) : 1'290 CHF   - shared room & bathroom (with 1 person)

After July 10th, 2021

Option 1 : 1'670 CHF - private room & private bathroom 

Option 2 : 1'570 CHF - private room & shared bathroom (with 1 person)

Option 3 : 1'410 CHF - shared room & bathroom (with 1 person)


Retreat summary

If you have any additional question about the retreat, ask away: