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My name is Alena Paturaud and I work with motivated entrepreneurs at early stage of their business, helping them to get more clients, better visibility and develop strategies to grow their business.


My background

Born and raised in Czech republic (back then - Czechoslovakia), I spent my early twenties living and working in Prague and Budapest, before moving and settling in Geneva. 

I spent over 10 years in corporate finance, cash and risk management within large multinationals and was lucky enough to work with international teams, enjoy wide scope of responsibilities and spend time at destinations like London, New York, Istanbul or Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires. 

My turning point

I am a go-getter, high achiever and perfectionist, combination of which led me to two burnouts and the need to change the way I live and enjoy my life. 

After leaving my corporate career I spent few years on different projects, trying to find activity that would fulfil me and that would correspond with my strong personal values.

My entrepreneurial journey

Writing being my most favorite outlet, I have started a personal blog in 2015 to share my experience of becoming second time mother and pursuing personal and professional development projects.


 In 2016 I have launched Swiss online 'buy and sell' boutique for children's items but I have quickly realised that I won't thrive in such a solitary activity. 

Over the time I got more and more often asked for help with business planning, launching, reviewing business models that weren't profitable or websites that weren't bringing clients...

Working closely with these enthusiastic and motivated entrepreneurs made me realise that this is exactly 'my jam'!  


Using my talents and skills to help someone else on their journey to their dreams is incredibly empowering and rewarding.

I have started business consulting in 2018 and my goal today is to help entrepreneurs to take their business off the ground and create inspiring and encouraging entrepreneurial community around me.

I am happily married and have two amazing children, a girl and a boy.

I speak english, french and czech.

I am a member of local women entrepreneurs network Genuine Women  

and a volunteering mentor at Singa Switzerland.