My magic

" I help motivated business owners to improve their online visibility, get more clients and develop further their activity,

even if their business is at an early stage and they have no communication or business strategy skills.

I offer practical solutions for all budgets, from a simple 'do-it-yourself' products to private accelerator programs and consulting. "


I'm a business strategist for entrepreneurs

a "fancy-pantsy" name for someone who will help you when:

You are at the early stage of your activity, you need more clients and visibility

but you don't know how to find them

You are spending a lot of time on your communication

but it isn't efficient or engaging enough (ie. doesn't bring new sales)



You are a seasoned business owner and you need to transform - digitalise - your activity

but you don't know how to go about it

Let me help!


Finding new customers, nurturing and serving your existing clients and making a profit is the never-ending quest for all businesses.

Staying relevant in the online world, up to date with the most popular technologies and communication channels doesn't need to be scary or overwhelming.   

Whether you are only starting your activity or your business is already up and running since a couple of years, the following visibility and communication products are made for you to get you to be visible and to stand out in the saturated market of today. 

  • 1. Audit your online presence

    Can your potential customers find you easily, regardless of where they start their journey?


    Is the information out there pertinent, interesting and representative of you and your brand?

    Let's make sure that your online presence is perfect! 

  • 2. Social Media health check

    Social media itself represent an incredible opportunity for you to get discovered and gain new customers but converting a follower into a paying customer isn't as easy as it might look like.

    Let's make sure your Instagram and Facebook accounts serve you to get closer to your objectives! 

  • 3. Boost your visibility

    In only 31 days you will get more done on the visibility of your business than in the past year, guaranteed!

    This tailor-made program is designed to get you through 5 essential stages of building your visibility in the most practical, useful and simple step-by-step led way.

    This is where the magic starts!

  • 4. Get your visibility & Communication Strategy

    Your business deserves a tailored communication strategy with personalised core messages designed to bring forward 'you' and your offer and attract the right clients. 

    This program is a deep dive into your business and your personal motivations and objectives.

    Get all that you need to communicate like a pro!


Investing time and money into the development of the right business strategy is often not on the priority list of entrepreneurs when they start. The immediate need is to go live, get the first clients as soon as possible and see what works and what doesn't.

There are times when that approach works, but eventually following the first promising route without further exploration and mapping can leave you vulnerable and unable to innovate or scale your activity.

Whether you are only launching and want to make sure that your plan is thorough, viable and profitable or your business is already up and running and you need to innovate and upgrade, the following offer is designed to match your needs and get you a winning strategy for your business!

  • Business Starter

    Whether you need help with only a part of your business launch plan or you wish to be accompanied A-Z, I've got you covered.

    Business & Financial projections

    Communication plan

    Online presence


    Social media 

    Let's get you just the right help you need to start your business with confidence!

  • Business Transformation

    Whether you are an established business with a desperate need to innovate and attract new clients or you are a newbie and feel like your business doesn't perform as it should, 

    transformation is needed to evolve and improve, stay relevant and serve ever-changing customer's needs.

    The areas of possible action:


    Business model


    Let's make your business thrive! 

  • Business Consulting

    You may be confident running your business, but the services of a business consultant can still give you a great advantage.


    Clarity is power and as your business strategist, I will help you get more clarity and eliminate the background noise. I will

    determine targets for your business, analyze existing strategies and practices, identify areas for improvement and prepare strategic plans to ensure those targets are met. 

    You will have an honest evaluation and third-party view on your operations and spend less thinking and more time doing.

    Let's grow your business!

Ready to move forward with your business?


Start by booking a diagnostic session with me.

The session is designed to help you get crystal clear on your goals, uncover what is holding you back,  how to overcome these issues and move forward.

We will map out the next steps for you to build the business you dream to have and see where you might need more help.  

The session is free !


Imagine a world where you aren't alone on your entrepreneurial journey, 

where you get to have a #1 fan, someone to consult, support and encourage you,

a motivator, to keep you inspired and pull you up when needed, 

an advisor, to run your ideas by and find answers with, 

and a sparring partner to keep you on track and in line.


All that in one person and at your fingertips.

If that sounds like a dream to you, my accelerator program is made for you!

 You will bring your business to the next level with confidence and serenity!

And I don't stop here...

On a mission to surround me with inspiring people,

I created an event where like-minded business-oriented souls can meet, talk business and have fun

while walking on fresh air and being active outdoors!

Come & join us!

The Private Accelerator Program

A unique 'business booster' private program designed specifically for solo entrepreneurs and business owners who choose to progress at an accelerated speed and obtain fully focused support they need to continuously reach their goals and bring their business to the next level. 

The Walk & Talk Business
Every last Thursday of the month a walk will be organised so we can get out of our houses and offices, be outdoors, enjoy fresh air, good company of fellow entrepreneurs, share our passions and make meaningful connections!
" Let's keep active, get outside and talk about our projects! " 

The future depends on what you do TODAY.

Mahatma Gandhi


Alena est très compétente dans son domaine, je vous la recommande les yeux fermés! 

Alena m'a accompagnée pour lancer mon business et créer mon site internet dans le domaine de la thérapie notamment via un brainstorming très efficace. 

Elle m'a proposé des solutions concrètes à toutes mes interrogations. En particulier comment définir mes priorités pour commencer. 

Grâce à un questionnement ciblé et un guidage pertinent elle m'a permis de faire le tri dans mes priorités.

Alena est très compétente dans son domaine, je vous la recommande les yeux fermés! 

— Lucie Papikova, Kinésiologue

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